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What should you know about domains ?

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What is a domain?

A domain name is, the name of your website. The can be found in the URL and is used in order to locate the website of a specific person or organization. Each website name or URL directs users to a specific IP address. website names are easier to remember than a long and complicated IP address, which takes the form of a series of numbers.

A website name can be divided up into three different elements: a subdomain, a domain name, and a top level domain (TLD). Take as an example: the ‘shop’ element is the subdomain, the ‘hostfeat’ element is the website name itself and the ‘.com’ part of the URL is the top level website name.

The length limit of a complete website name is 255 characters. With hostfeat, you can choose a website name that best suits you or your business, or you can transfer an already existing website over to hostfeat. Next, customers can select a TLD from a wide variety of domain extensions on offer. When choosing a website name, it is important to select something that properly reflects the ethos of your business in a concise and catchy way. A good website name should be memorable, brandable, and should have a suitable extension.

How does domain privacy work?

When purchasing a domain, an important part of the process is passing on all necessary contact information to the ICANN WHOIS directory. Usually, the company you buy the website name from will pass on the information to the directory for you – as is the case with hostfeat. This process ensures that for each website, there is a clear record of the owner. Depending on who you register your new domain with, and how, your contact information may be easily accessed by anyone. With hostfeat, users can opt for a private website name registration, which makes the generic hostfeat contact details open to the public rather than your personal information.

What are NTLDs?

NTLD stands for new top level website name. These will be issued by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in different phases. The new website name are an exciting departure from the classic extensions such as .com,, .org and .net. The main features of NTLDs are as follows:
  • The new batch of top level website name are usually based off of certain categories like location (.nyc), brand (.cocacola), community (.center) and industry (.fashion).
  • Over a thousand new extensions are set to be released in different phases over the coming years.
  • The new website name provide more diversity and flexibility, allowing organizations to personalize their domains.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a protocol that transmits information securely over the internet in an encrypted form. Each website with an SSL certificate can be identified by the ‘https’ element and a padlock icon in the URL. With hostfeat, you can assign an SSL certificate to your website name in order to ensure a secure connection from the user’s computer to a browser. This is an especially important element for websites that require personal information.

How are website names structured?

There’s a lot of terminology associated with website names, which may seem daunting at first, but is actually quite simple. These terms help explain how website names are structured. For example, the three components of include a third level domain, a second level domain, and a top-level domain (TLD), in that order. So “order” is our third level TLD, “hostfeat” is our second level domain; and “.com” is our TLD. The table below should help illustrate these components further, including the fourth level domain, which isn’t shown in our example above:
.com, or .us are both top level domains (TLD) is a second level domain name (SLD) is a third level, or three-part domain name is a fourth-level, or four-part domain name

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